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Shillington College of Graphic design Concept Project

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Time Out magazine was created in 1968 by Tony Elliott who used birthday money to produce a one-sheet pamphlet titled "Where It's At," before being inspired by Dave Brubeck’s album Time Out. The magazine was initially a counter-culture publication which took a non-conformist stance on issues such as gay rights, racial equality, and police harassment. Early issues had a print run of around 5,000 and evolved to 40 million readers as it shed its rebellious roots and moved into the digital age.

Today Time Out products include travel magazines, city guides, and books. In 2010, Time Out became the official publisher of travel guides and tourist books for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. There are currently over 100 guide books available from Time Out.

The Brief

Time Out wants to create a unique set of city guide profiles that reflect its past non conformist history. You have designed the cover for the first city guide, Unconventional Travel Destinations. Now you will be designing one of the articles to go within it.

Time out wants these city guides to be completely removed from it's current style and
structure which has become quite consumerist. You need to design 1 article that contains:


  • 2 to 3 double page spreads

  • 1st spread to have a unique type lockup

  • The article will use imagery that you have sourced (Max 3 images)

  • Establish a grid structure to be used for future city guides

  • Create and apply Paragraph and Character styles to be used for future city guides.


Travelers that don't want to join the queue and have no desire to experience things with the masses. They are curious, well educated and have an interest in just about everything. Age doesn't matter. They are fact fanatics and believe the devil is in the detail.

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